This is the place for stupid dope tracks, mixes and live radio shows.

My purpose in this site is to provide you with great content with a friendly interface and sweet design. I have had a site for my DJ identity for over 15 years. I have always created what I was feeling at the time and what I wanted to show the world as my face as a DJ. This is me – now.

I play mostly breaks and the content you will find is comprised mainly of this genre. This is just a heads up for those people who dislike the genre or who are looking for more mainstream content/music. I may play a remix of a pop song here or there, but it doesn’t happen often.

My production is completely created in the breakbeat genre. I mostly produce tracks that are more progressive in nature, but I can bang out a slammin’ track every once in awhile. My style is always evolving.

There is an idea that you should have your own unique sound. This is good for marketing and branding, but is it good for creativity? No. Being tethered to a certain sound is as Emerson put it, “Imitation is suicide” When you develop a specific sound, are you then not imitating yourself? Isn’t it just the same shit, just another day?

I believe in creative freedom and the belief that I can create something that sounds totally different from the last piece of music I manifested. The ability to be underground and anti social is the reality of not being shoved into a corner and expected an iteration of what you have already birthed into the world. Love it or leave it, this is my philosophy.