DJ Not Applicable

I am DJ Not Applicable, a DJ/Producer from MA.

I have been afflicted by Schizoaffective Disorder my whole life, but had just been diagnosed when I was 21. I want people to know about this and process it in a rational way. Those who are affected by mental illness battle with a stigma about being viewed as crazy or insane by society. I am here to show you that you can be stable and live a rewarding life. Read more of this story here

DJing is my way of interacting with the world. I am an introvert so playing on radio stations live as well as having a weekly breakbeat podcast and producing tracks suits me best. This allows me to not only to have complete creative control over my musical selection, but allows me to play all the time. I am constantly evolving with every show.

My name “Not Applicable” was chosen in the idea as if I was filling out an application form and decided to apply anonymously. I, as a music selector, attempt to deliver an experience which speaks from the heart of me. It’s my soul and the music is coming through me.

DJing is my way of interacting with the world.