I am DJ Not Applicable, a DJ/Producer from MA. I play mostly breaks and the content you will find here is mainly comprised of this genre. I mostly produce tracks that are more progressive in nature, but I can bang out a slammin’ track every once in awhile.

I have to get a lot of old school tracks on vinyl to get my voice into the world – the constant extrusion of music that hits the streets everyday. I DJ to allow my interaction with the world. I am an introvert and play on radio stations live as well as having a weekly breakbeat podcast and produce breakbeat tracks. This allows me to not only to have complete creative control over my musical selection, but allows me to play all the time. I am constantly evolving with every show. 

I am here to create. My name “Not Applicable” was chosen in the idea as if I was filling out an application form and decided to apply anonymously. I, as a music selector, attempt to deliver an experience which speaks from the heart of me. It’s not really from me, the music is coming through me. 

I believe in creative freedom and the belief that I can create something that sounds totally different from the last piece of music/mix I manifested. The ability not to be shoved into a corner and expected an iteration of what I have already birthed into the world is true freedom.

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