I have upped my DJ game to play with 3 decks.

It is so much more fun than 2 decks. I am just beginning, but this is like a whole new world. After a few hours of practicing and messing around and trying different things, it has become apparent – I am not able to go back to the simple 2 deck mixing style.

I now look at tracks as simply musical elements instead of a complete and unchangeable element. I never really found a use for the cue points inserted into tracks by Mixed in Key. Now I know how to use them. I have been so resistant to new ways of DJing. I cried cheat on CDjs when they came out, I had to use DVS. I had a fellow DJ help him with a wedding gig and discovered the controller.

The controller was ultimate power in my view. The dude was using autoplay in Virtual DJ, but I saw the potential there. It was like I had discovered my love for DJing all over again. I remember the first time I put the needle to the record and the power I held over the tracks I had just been collecting via Napster.

I had played with Virtual Dj a long time ago – about a year before I actually attempted to really DJ. I did not know what I was doing, but I had control over the tracks once again. What I did not know, but would have made very little difference in my ability to mix tracks, was that the tracks I was grabbing were part of a continuous mix and so they were already combining 3 tracks into one.

I also just had the mouse to control the music and the software, but I kept at it for about 6 months. When I finally decided to go all out and pursue my dream as a DJ, I did not think of ever playing out, I just wanted that rush of control over the music.

I started with 2 Gemini belt drive turntables. I also did not know how to mix. I spent about 3 – 4 months trying to beatmatch from a random point in a track. It wasn’t until a buddy of mine tole me how to do it. That was the key.

I stayed on with the belt drives, not fully understanding the flaw in maintaining their pitch. I moved up to direct drives when I bought some old tts from a guy I worked with. It was instantly so much easier. I never got on the Technics train. I had by that point gotten a Stanton Mixer and loved the quality. Stanton had just released their new tts. I bagged up 2 Stanton STR8-150s.

They were solid and very accurate. I preferred them over the Technics I had played out at places. I did not care for the design or look of the Technics and was drawn to the beautiful layout and design of the Stantons.

So here I being a new journey with 3 decks and a new wonder of discovery and skills to have even more control over the mixing of tracks.