I am sick of labeling myself as an EDM artist.

It is just too mainstream and is pop junk. I play a long lost art called breakbeat. You cannot find a pool with this genre. The new music is derivative of other popular genres like dubstep and dnb. I do not play those genres. I play mainly breaks but also some house and trance with the occasional pop remix track if I am feeling it.

People hate on the genre because at the moment, it is not even listed in top genre charts. I keep it as my source of expression of what In feel. What I’m is not for dough or just for fame. I am happy to keep this genre to myself and stay underground. It is peaceful down here. No one is biting my style, copying my tracks, hating on my level of skill.

So I have decided to rename the genre in a new way because it is obviously not EDM. I am an DDM artist. Digital Dance Music. I don’t want electronic as a qualification for my music. I have to buy vinyl a lot to get my shit because they just don’t make good music anymore (I am generalizing here – there are some tracks I like). Perhaps I am stuck in the old school and not adapting to the trends and remaining current in EDM world.

EDM = Pop. DDM = Underground. People may hate on this classification, but it does not bother me here in the underground. We never die, we take this music shit to our graves. I will play as long as I am physically able to. Production will last longer than that.