Emerging From Darkness

I have been depressed for about 2 – 3 months now. I am working with my doctor to get a med change in order. It is a bitch because I am weening off of one medication and onto another. The one good thing – a side thing – is that it provides me with an opportunity to re-evaluate my to do lists and really get into a good mindset.

Exercising more and doing more creative things as well longer more distant goals which I list in my to do list for those things. I am adding in some reading as well as trying to get myself back to the level of drawing I was at before my life turned to shit. Now I am back and need to get my art skills back up to par – perhaps even getting better.

I have an art store online that I am selling my paintings on and creating art has become more and more a part of my life. I am feeling that creative juice starting to build up. Mind you – this could all be because my new medication is making me manic, but I have not felt the downside of mania yet.

Here’s to hoping.

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