Getting Shit Done

I am always aware that I waste a lot of time during the day so I looked into software to help me with this issue. After searching for a long while I realized that I had 90% of my GSD process in effect.

This is what I do:
I write in my journal every morning to clear my head, center myself and prepare for the day mentally. As I write, ideas pop into my head. Instead of relying on myself to remember all those things I jot them down into a moleskine. After I finish writing, I head over to my computer and fire up Trello and add the items to my list. I have several lists, some are short term goals, others much further out and my daily tasks.

Now I have added the ability to time everything I work on during the day with TIme Camp Desktop. I can see where I spent my time. I also use Rescue Time for a much broader view of the time on my computer. So now I have my GTD process in full effect.

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