Ghost Post

I have officially declared my exit from social media in my final post for Facebook. I stated that I would not be on social media any longer and left an email address and a link to my website.

I am sick of the comparison game. This person has all these followers and this has this many listens and this person has all these re-posts and this person has a ton of comments.

Most comments are something like “Lovin this” or “great mix/track” A heard mentality. But I am done with that shit. If someone wants to find me, they can go to my website where there are no followers or tweets or comments. There is not a “friend” count. It is just me and my shit.

Comparison is the killer of happiness. It is better to be blissfully aware of stupid shit. Shit that does not really matter. Does the tiny fraction of the good feeling you get with every reaction to your stuff make all the shit you see you don’t have worth it? I say no. I am me.

I have lived my life. I have gotten to this place. No one else can match up against me. I know my worth, I know my level of skill. I know where I stand. I do not need the permission or approval of the internet to provide me with validation.

I do it because I HAVE to. I cannot not do it. I have to create, I have to play, I have to push myself, I have to produce. These things are essential to my life and it comes down to the fact that I am doing this for me. I hope I can offer someone some kind of joy or appreciation, but that is not my purpose.

Even if no one reads this post, I need to write it. The world is not my boss. I am the boss of my world. How terrible it will be when Facebook craps out and Soundcloud shits the bed and Mixcloud goes down. It will happen. Those things are not permanent and all the time and money people spent cultivating their presence and music and tracks on these sites is going to disappear.

I do not know what comes after this. I do not know what new platform will be at the front of the line for music promotion. I do know that it does not involve nor concern me. I am here and always will be.