Horror Love

It is getting close to the Halloween season. My wife and I love the movies around this time. Horror movies are one of our favorite genre of movies. We have discovered a few tv series that have scratched that itch as well.

I often can sniff out when something is going to happen in the movie, but sometimes I am caught off guard and get a jolt. That is a great feeling. My wife jumps at about everything. It is fun watching with her if not just to see her get scared.

Just to name a bit of our favorites:

Annabelle series
Insidious series
Sinister series
Exorcism of Emily Rose
Houses October Built series
Marieanne on Netflix
Haunting in Conniticut
The Haunting of Hill House
The Nun
Pretty much any exorcism movie

So here’s to the Halloween horror movie viewing season.

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