I Don’t Fuck With Fakes

I got an email from Future Music – a promotion service linked with Hypeddit saying they were going to promote my music. I use Hypeddit (https://hypeddit.com/) and Noise Trade (https://noisetrade.com/) to promote my new tracks and collect email addresses for my monthly newsletter where I provide a free Xclusive track and a featured mix of the month. I do not care about sales, even though my music is in stores. I do not expect to sell much, but I like having it there – a bit of a feeling of completion for me – it’s final resting place.

Future Music hit me with the sales pitch. Very depressing to read. It was a hard pitch to sell you on their service which promotes your mix until you reach 5k listens plus followers and comments. 9 Euro for a first promotion, usually 19 Euros. They went on and on about how their promotion service was so special and how they posted during different times of day and multiple channels blah blah blah.

Fucking people who buy this shit – this click farm bullshit are what a lot of people are getting noticed for. Maybe they DO get more interaction after a promotion like that. I don’t know. People tend to be sheep and grab onto something because it is popular. Many do not have a sense of what they like – as long it is popular, they get on board. This fucking popularity contest is fueled by social media. Likes and followers/friends and retweets – the world is slowly dying. Social Media will destroy the Earth before climate change has a chance to.

I am not saying there are not legit artists who really do have a massive amount of talent and should and do get recognized for it. They are not what this post is about. Mad respect for the true.

There is so much shit in this industry. I stopped playing in clubs about 10 years ago. I was fed up with all the ass kissing and politics and how dirty some DJs would get to either get a gig over you or try to ice you out from a club/venue. I can only imagine what it is like these days. 

I play on radio and have my spots and bang out mixes all week long. Am I able to see the people? Do I have to connect with and dance floor? Do I have to tailor my tracks to the night’s evolution? – not any more. I have complete control over what I play and when I do it. Creative control is very important to me. It is my voice, my message to the world.

Now there is this EDM fucking genre. It is has basically become pop music electronic dance tracks. I guess that is exactly what it says on the label, but it has shifted greatly over time from it’s roots. I still have to categorize my music sometimes when I submit tracks and mixes on sites. I am forced to use that tag because there is nothing else or some other reason. This fucking horrible music is the exact reason why all the good shit about what EDM was built on is long gone.

I am not even going to get started on festivals…

I play Breakbeats. You cannot even find those tracks in record pools anymore. It is a dead language. But I play that genre because it is who I am and how I relate to the world. The catch here is – I rarely buy new tracks. They are all mostly bullshit dubsteppy phantoms of what breaks used to be. I can see why no one would play this genre for new music. I buy mostly all my tracks from the eariler days – the golden age of breaks. It might be vinyl, it might be an mp3, but I don’t like the new shit.

So… In conclusion – I am underground and anti-social and I don’t fuck with fakes.