Mental Illness

I wanted to start off this fresh install with a bit of information about Mental Illness.

I have battled the last 20 years with Schizoaffective Disorder. You can read about it here:

I want to let people know that there IS help, there IS hope, there IS a way to rise above the pain and suffering and the confusion mental illness wreaks havoc on someone and those around them.

First I want to stress the importance of the issue at hand. Mental Illness is a PHYSICAL medical issue. When the chemicals in your brain are not working correctly, this causes mental illness.

Mental Illness has a strong stigma attached to it which not only comes from judgement of others against the individual with the diagnosis, but from the person themselves. A lot of people do not seek help when they need it and suffer needlessly because of it.

There is treatment and help to be found and while there is no cure, there is hope at a relatively “normal” life. It is a constant struggle to get on the right medication cocktail and access to medical care, but so are a lot of illnesses – heart disease, diabetes, ect. Getting the right help can literally be the difference of life versus death.

There is a book by Kay Redfield Jamison called “Touched With Fire” chronicling the connection between artist and manic depression. Most of them, lived lives of extreme highs and lows and sadly ended their own life. The correlation of the artistic and creative mindset that this illness has upon people and the suffering in their lives. Many people do not seek treatment because there are points of extreme periods of creative, expansive and euphoric ideas that they do not want to stifle. They do not want to live without those highs.

I am addressing this issue because I think there should be more of a management experience with mental illness and not one we shove under the rug. Please feel free to contact me to answer questions about this issue.

If you have an emergency, obviously go to your nearest emergency room.