Pay To Play

I just had to cancel my 4 hour weekly set on Sparks FM online Radio. The owner is instituting a pay for play requirement for 2 bucks for every time you played on the station.

I am morally and philosophically opposed to this idea. The stations should be grateful to the DJs, not the DJs thankful for the station. Without DJs – there is no station. Without that station, there will still be DJs.

I am a bit pissed off for this turn of events, but I am just going without a fight. The station is going to turn into new DJs who are not as skilled as some of the other DJs that would play on the station for free, and as such the station’s quality is going to be shit.

It is naturally going to turn into a newbie breeding ground for attempting to mix live on air. I glimpsed at one comment in a thread or fb post or the chat room somewhere for Sparks FM were the “DJs” were asking if the records had to be the same “speed” as the other record in order to beatmatch. Followed by a deceleration that Serato would mix for you.

Seriously. Pay to Play with auto mix? It is laughable. The only reason I was on that station was because I got the opportunity to play a 4 hour set. I can live stream a show whenever I want and play for more time.

The thing is, this is probably a good move for me as these circumstances as I need to spend more time producing and getting my tracks out there. I can make more of a connection with the world that way then playing on some radio station that wants me to pay. I would rather try to make money on my own music than to pay to mix other people’s records.

Fucking obvious sign of the kids trying to get into being a DJ. The bar has seriously been lowered these days and I guess this is my first time getting a mouthful of the actual bullshit of the people who want to DJ. I know – I am an old man who grew up with 2 turntables a mixer and vinyl. I do now use a controller because I am of the mindset that I want to embrace technology that allows me to be more creative.

But the foundation is there. The knowledge of manually beatmatching and learning records and finding mix points and keep track of phrases. The love for music that would cost about 10 bucks or more for a vinyl record. I love my vinyl and I am in the process of ripping them because you just cant buy most of the stuff I have.

So I guess this pay for play post has turned into a rant on new DJs and the ridiculousness of paying to have serato auto mix – no doubt with beatports top 100 – for you and an online radio show. But Fuck It – its the truth.

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