I have finally found a place in my studio to hook my turntables and mixer up. I had them all separated until, upon countless revisions of my studio, I found them close and decided to take the time and space to hook them up.
It was a bitch getting the mixer settings right and the turntables on the correct setting. I had to grab an old pair (past tense) of my old red and black numark headphones. I was able to beatmatch pretty easily with the vinyl. It had been years when I last spun vinyl and was able to match beats.

I still have a ways to go into the technique of getting the eqs right, not blowing my ear drums out with the headphone input. I find it much harder to have a low volume in the cans with vinyl than it is with a controller. With a controller and a screen, there are visual clues which aid in the mixing process.

On vinyl, you are out there, flapping in the wind. I find I end up blasting the headphones in an attempt to solo the cued record to the one playing. I will get better, I just have to take long breaks between sessions to allow my ears to rest.

The techniques I have learned via a controller and software have made my vinyl mixing so much better. I am sure the opposite will also be true. Using the eqs in a more powerful way and other little things I have picked up with a controller will create much better mixes than prior controller mixing. I love the feel of vinyl and actually considered getting a dvs system. I had one before when I first started collecting mp3 tracks.

Now, I can do so much more creatively with a controller than with vinyl. I love the trustfulness of mixing with vinyl – there are no filters or effects to help you out of a jam. If you fuck up it is a sure fire train-wreck.
I will be putting together an all vinyl mix within the coming months and depending how I feel, many more will follow.