So I am undergoing a serious library adjustment with my music. I had way too much and my playlist creation was not always as on point as I like. I am working on an all vinyl mix and am going through all my vinyl.

I realized that there were a lot of tracks not in my library – may it be from deletion or the quality of the track, or just simply data loss. (I have lost about 5 external hard drives and a lot of data on them.) So I am going through the painstaking process of ripping my vinyl again. It is tedious but also a lot of fun re-introducing tracks I have not heard in years.

I am using a really old (circa 2000) gateway laptop to record to. It was my wife’s when she was in college. If she would ever know her laptop would be used like this 20 years later – blown mind. So it does not even have wi-fi so I am using a thumb drive to copy the music to.

Then to my main pc for processing through Platinum Notes and Mixed in Key. Then to my booth laptop for distribution into my breaks folder. Then in the last step, I sort the tracks into their respective folders within my library.

Fun stuff.