Ripping Vinyl

I am ripping the rest of my vinyl. I have a lot already, but I am going through and making sure that they are all. Also a big batch was horrible quality so I deleted them from my library. I have to go through serato to see which ones are missing so I can replace them.

It is very tedious ripping vinyl. There is not much to do. I spend time in my journal getting thoughts out and creative ideas into my to-do moleskine. I produce a lot of shit to do, but most of it just gets overlooked because of the time in my day.

I have 3 live online radio shows, a podcast and one pre-recorded 2 hour set for another station. I do not have a lot of time in my week. It feels that way, but is not really true. I waste a great deal of time. I had started to get a handle on how I spend my time during the day. I have some software that shows me in broad strokes what I have been doing. I also have a time keeping app to start and stop times when I am working on things, but I work on things in bits or do more than one thing at a time.

Getting things done is crucial to success in the things you are aiming for. I just have not utilized my tools to their full potential. I guess it takes time management and some GTD effort to get the GTD system in place. A bit of a paradox, but it is essential.

I always try some huge sweeping ideas and plans to update my shit and get more/better things done. I do have a list of shit I have to do everyday. On rare occasions do I get all of them done. The one thing that is the first to fall off is exercise. I used to be in such good shape – even into my mid 20s, but that shit is long gone. I really need to get a better system in place.

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