Seductions – Tao Te Ching

I read a verse from the Tao Te Ching every morning. Today’s verse was about how seduction can lead you to the loss of inner strength and tranquility.

The last stanza reads:

“The wise cultivate inner strength and tranquility. They are not seduced by addictive temptations”

I am at a point in my life where I am accessing things that I care about and things that are damaging to me or a waste of my time. It is spring cleaning and my house is littered with tons of shit that needs getting rid of.

I just got a 2nd email from Hypeddit about how to gain 1000 fans in one week. Now they say they are REAL fans, but I know they are not. Anyone guaranteeing a specific amount of fans is clearly a click farm. They may be real in the sense that they are humans, but not in the sense that they are all individual people.

This is why I am ghost from social media. Fuck the clicks, the likes, the follows, the retweets, the reposts, the ranking charts. They are all meaningless. What happens when Faceboook falls, or when Instagram shits the bed or Twitter tanks? We all saw it with MySpace. All those “friends” flushed down the toilet. Where will your fans interact with you once Soundcloud gets shown the door?

This website is my social media. This is where my media meets social. Do I have a huge number of visits, or am I all alone? It does not matter to me. I do not run analytics on anything of mine. I even do my best not to look to see how many people are listening when I play my shows.

The point is that all of this social media is fleeting and will evolve into something else where you will have to start again. This site does not come down until I take it down. My place is forever sercured, if I ever stop that would be the death of me first.

Get your own website. Save your space on the internet.