Slam Poetry

I am going to get involved with Slam Poetry and give some insight into the demons I face and the challenges that I have overcome. I also want to give a voice to the person I have become because of these things. I will stick pretty much with poems about mental illness, but there are other pains and losses in my life that I would like to cover as well.

I have been searching for a way to get my voice out in a more tangible, concrete and direct way. I happened upon slam poetry in a search I had done for vocal samples for my latest track. I came across a youtube video and was instantly hooked.

I used to write free form and continue to write 3 pages a day every morning to get my mind right. It is also a good way to keep a task list for both business and personal goals that I have for a day, a month or a year. I am interested in this form of poetry because it feels more authentic, more insightful and more passionate than a regular more conventional form of poetry with guidelines and rules.

This stuff is from the heart. I have made a resolution to show more of myself and to engage in activetes that promote mental illness awareness and to erase the stigma that medical condition brings immediately.