Tao Te Ching – Rebel

I read one chapter of the Tao Te Ching every morning. It is a part of my daily routine. I have a list of shit I need to get done each day using Trello.
Below is an excerpt from one of the chapters I read yesterday. I could  relate not only because of my mental illness and introverted nature, but also creatively and marketability.

I am not active on social media anymore, I do not check stats on my website, I do not check my podcast analytics, In short I am obviously not concerned about popularity and such.

I play and produce in a genre that is all but “dead” I could move over to house or trance (although I do incorporate those genres at times) and try to be part of the popularity wave and sell my soul for a large following. I just stopped caring and now I am doing better work than ever.

Freeing myself from the chains of other’s opinion about me and my work has created such a feeling of lightness and endless possibilities.

I told my wife at one point that I had found my “unique sound”. She was quick to correct me and said “You are more than just one thing” I do not have a signature style. As Emerson wrote “Imitation (even of one’s self) is suicide”.

I was watching this documentary on Netflix called “The Creative Brain”. It was about how the brain manifests creativity. The point they drove home was that nothing is original – everything is borrowing from other things and then make it into your own creation.

I do not compose my elements in my tracks – I use samples. I can admit that. I am a thief, an arranger, remixer of elements. You can check out this philosophy in the book “Steal Like an Artist”.

Here is the way I feel about myself and the general public: 

It is sometimes deeply depressing to be a rebel, knowing that we can never share most people’s way of life, nor can they share ours.
While most people live happily in the best of all possible worlds, we are despaired to witness this world.
It is so painful to know that we will always be outsiders, endlessly moving like the ocean, aimlessly blowing like the wind.
While we fear what other’s fear, we do not treasure what other’s treasure. Our treasure is the Great Integrity.
However, until it is shared, it will not be the Universal Integrity, for we are part of them, and they are part of us.