That New New

The dark of night summoned
headlong with hatred and coming
sentient awareness becoming

Matrix coded selection
dirty rust or ocean connection

Ink dripped on albino shoulder
enlightenment once it’s found it’s over

Waves pummel the sand
Awakening the fear of man

Defeated essence of nefarious plot
Evil lurks and prepares it’s shot

Sunlight power grows and gains
momentum of passage though the brain

Time decays into night
Demons exist, ready to take flight

That New New

Collection of tricked communication
The terror that lives demands continuation
of navigation with a thirst of separation communication
from a hell of contemplation
life lived in hesitation
with limited edition social education
with illustration brought to creation

Denial of sun dripped head candy
Blinking from a space man commanding

My loneliness feeds my weakness
Day turns to night with natural sequence

Secrets stand tall as night evolves
Manifestation of bleakness being solved

Spider web woven and walking
Screening phone calls without talking

That New New

Night erodes to nightmare
Risen to heaven with an answered prayer

Deportation from hell grabs my breath
Lungs starving for air or death

Souls passed without identity
Unnamed and never free
Destination given to me
out of reach despite the pleas

Long gone in pain and fire
grappled stronger as I flew higher
Ashes rising above a funeral pyre
Into blackness my mind retires

Danger of self inflicted harm
blasted out with red alert alarm

A discovery of how evil manifests
Its existence in mortal world is a test

Penance for past sins paid
The web of lies to which I strayed

Warmth of day into that good night
Vengeance gripping my throat tight
I saw with fierce blinding sight
I would not rage against the dying of the light

That New New

Mystery of unknown injuries
Around my head they try to squeeze

My mind clouds a vicious haze
With pain my sanity is set ablaze

These voices haunt my days
Mocking me and always stay

A spectacle for those blurred strangers
Hiding in the shade dripping with danger

Witness a replay of choking blackness
My sins are dues and are paid with madness

No escape from doubt, from shame,
No avoidance from confusion, or from pain,
Until it sleeps it keeps my mind insane

Lost hope that truth crushed to earth
will rise again once given birth

Hell of my own acceptance
Torture my thoughts relentless
Mental loop of pain defenseless
Clutched to darkness made senseless

Questions inside my head rattle
A soldier against blackness battles
The weight of shame sold like cattle
Desire for life and death my mind straddles

Would the sound of a 9 to my head be heard?
Would my pain and shame finally be cured?
Would I already be found in that other place?
Would my father no longer recognize my face?

That New New