You Are My Eternity

Mother of mine sick with deadly virus
Did not understand why she stayed behind us

Adopted at birth and into loving arms
Fate saw to it that I was unharmed

Father mother
Sister now brother

Love abound in our family home
These are some lines from my mother’s tome
Events of those days escape my memory
Extreme love for my mother came from me

Black box unopened and never since
Those days are shrouded behind a fence
Of pain and loss I cannot bear
The loss to me and now unaware
Accounts of events long ago
Sent to me from a place of sorrow

I would go to her unaware of pain
Express my love and then back to games
Those times she cherished to the end
Into the sky God had to send
Her soul to the afterlife finally free
Of the constant pain and misery

Viewed from a game show on tv
Never thought she would been seen by me
I saw her movements and her speech
About her essence this view did teach
About her mannerisms as she sat
Across from the player who was her match

I do not remember those days –
Locked away in a sealed box of pain.
It is too much for me to bear
Must protect myself with care

So young and never a conversation
Desire to live is from your mind’s contemplation
I know you by wonderful touch
Many times you ran to me in a rush
You kiss me unaware of the sickness running free
You’ll grab hand or arm and then kiss me

Too few seconds until your disappearance
Your love never lacked the power of appearance
I love you Mom was shouted down the hall
In those moments of love I felt it all
Thank you for the moments from your play
In my soul your love for me will always stay

Must be a small eternity
The moments you give me are my eternity

Whispered words as you gazed at me
God and Better is all my ears did see
A prayer delivered in a spoken letter
Please God, make Mommy better

In the world a very short four years
Your strength and love I accept through tears
Beyond me is the power your love did impart
Knowing that soon my soul will depart

After my death that love I will hold still
I love you Bryan Joseph and I always will
Remember you were so fiercely loved
The greatest gift in this world is to be loved
You are loved for who you are
When you miss me just look to the stars